In the Beginning...

The year was 1952. The crime? Theft and betrayal. One Basil Duke Henning, Master of Saybrook College and former Whiffenpoof, stole an arrangement from the "whiffs" and presented it to four of his eager freshmen. Thus, the Duke's Men were born.

The Evolution

Over the past 65 years, "Da Doox" have grown from a young quartet into a rowdy and incredibly close family of more than 375 singers. In the process, we've become one of the most respected singing groups in the country. We tour internationally, record albums regularly, and charm presidents and preschoolers alike. Named one of the nation’s top 5 male a cappella groups by the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America, The Duke's Men have also placed in the top 4 at the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) after outright winning the national round, and have shared stages with the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Darren Criss.


Today our musical scope goes far beyond our first arrangement. Our repertoire is thrilling, challenging, and diverse: an exciting mix of old favorites and contemporary hits. All arrangements are written by group members which is part of the reason we consistently achieve a unique sound - a product of our incredibly daring and ambitious arrangements combined with our fantastic soloists and  our shoe's musicality.


The Duke's Men have had the chance to share our distinctive sound around the world (live, on television, and through competitions), traveling to Japan, Thailand, China, Jamaica, Turkey, Peru, England, Hawaii, and dozens of other locations throughout the United States and Europe. Da Doox have performed at venues ranging from classrooms, hospitals, and conference centers to Lincoln Center in New York City and The White House (for President Bill Clinton). The Duke's Men are also an internationally esteemed choral ensemble. In the summer of 2012, Da Doox were invited to sing at the International Festival of Collegiate Choirs in Beijing, and in the summer of 2013, the group performed for a festival crowd of thousands on the island of Cyprus. In the year of 2016 alone, Da Doox sang for absolutely packed theaters in cities all throughout Colombia and Japan.